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Visual Story Mapping




Caroline was in Bali during winter 2015-2016. She spent three months in Ubud, looking to meet young entrepreneurs & storytellers and working on creating her own business.

Bali was definitely a transformative journey for her.

Every person she met, every soul her path crossed, inspired her to work on her purpose in life and help people do the same.
Every adventure she heard, every people's experience excited her to write everything down and note stories in her notebook.

She launched a project, on a local social media, called " MINDMAP YOUR LIFE" and it fuelled the curiosity of hundreds of people.
She wanted to listen people's stories, their experiences and projects to create a map of their lifes using a mind mapping system.

She never imagined this initiative would be so intriguing for them.

In every session, she gave shape to their emotions, ideas, dreams and thoughts. She was their confidant, their therapist, a coach, a guide, an ear that allowed them to talk about every topic of their choice and clearly visualise and identify their goals and passions to become the master of their life.

She became aware she had a magic tool in her hands. Her pen had the power to uncover potential, help sort ideas, boost creativity, organise personal and professional lives and make wildest dreams come true.

Visual Story Mapping was born.

Until then, she had always seen potential in people but didn't know how to help them to use it to the fullest. 
With Visual Story Mapping, she truly found a way to share what she can see.
As a projector, she only mirrors their emotions and serves as a vehicle to encourage them to believe in themselves.
She strongly believes that everyone has every single answer inside of her/him. They just need to respect their own rhythm. 

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Caroline Weiler

Caroline Weiler

In December 2015, when I was in Bali, I asked my friends, ex-colleagues and family members what was my contribution in a community. Here is a glimpse of what they said :

"You sparkle."
"You attract people thanks to your smile and your positive energy." 
"You are passionate, really inspiring, super creative, enthusiastic and a strong human being."
"Your motivation is contagious."
"You always step out of your comfort zone. You are fearless."
"You should always take care of your sensitivity. Feed it. Encourage it. It inspires others to be proud of their own."

As for me, I describe myself as a hedonist. A dreamer. A passionate lover. An enthusiastic traveler and a creative storyteller who strongly believe in people's potential.

From a 9 to 5 job as a legal adviser, which was my dream job but wasn't enough to living the dream as a visual storyteller, I now share my experiences and knowledges, and devote my time by interacting with people, spreading love and creativity, and sharing entrepreneurship values to inspire and help others to grow, rise and live their life their own way.



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