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Every week, I will share people's dreams, projects, passions, because I believe we can all inspire and encourage each other to create the life we really believe in. This project is called INSPIRE.

Sharing is Caring

If you are a passionate entrepreneur and you think you are making an impact in this world by living and sharing your dreams and ideas, get in touch with me so I can promote your work to inspire others to live their life their way.
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☆☆☆ Edouard Mondron ☆☆☆

Edouard is the Founder of We Shift, a series of short testimonials videos which highlight people's changes. He now focuses the project on Business Shift to highlight companies who decided one day to inspire a change around them and through them. 

© Visual Story Mapping - Caroline Weiler 2017

© Visual Story Mapping - Caroline Weiler 2017

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Well, in this present, I am a happy man of 30 years old, in relove-ution, and in progress.

I first started studying law that allowed me to learn how to structure my mind while I rather have a creative and "dreamy" mind. 
During these few years of actually studying depression…, I took the time to learn the most fundamental question to me: what governs human relationships? 

Two potential answers at that time. 
On the one hand, God whom I assimilated to spirituality, which I definitely distinguish today from it. Or, on the other hand, money. 

As I found that this used "God" was the basis of much wars, I began to study money to realize that… it was more or less the same story ..., especially the people who control it, same story again… 
In short, this period of my life made me realize that I wanted to popularize the economy by becoming a documentary producer … 
Which leads today to manage other companies but the study of myself remains the most intense and amazing thing ever.

What happened for you the last couple years?

The past two years have been incredibly rich in discoveries and learnings.
The most striking events of the past 730 days have been the "transformation", or death, of my father and the birth of We Shift a few months later, the day after my thirtieth birthday.
There was so much to take into consideration and the responsibilities I have learned lead me today to thank my father every day for allowing me to learn all this through his absence.
The Death of My Father and the Birth of My Child, We Shift! ;) Powerful symbolism!

When did things fall into place? When did you suddenly get it?

So it's very funny that you (Caroline Weiler) love Bali because I understood by being there in the beginning of 2017 that a lot of understandings about letting go came when I was in Ubud. My mind has given way to the appreciation of what is here and now and can lead this reflection in reference to what my father allowed me to experience through the paternal responsibility of a family and a heritage to be managed. It has been a beautiful stage of life.

Taking my life in my hands was the key word this year!

How did you experience this life changing experience personally? 

Responsibility and action are the two things that emerge from these intense experiences on both the material and the emotional level.
Today I'm living my life in a way that was unimaginable for me only a year ago. Obviously and fortunately everything is not simple but positivism takes over the administrative hazards that continue to bother me but which are integral part of this reality then so much to look at them with a light comical smile.

What is your daily life now?

Last year, I was responsible for me, myself and I ... One year later, I'm working with 30 people on and off to take care of my businesses. I really get the idea of delegation.

Being able to delegate is intrinsically linked to trust in the Other and ultimately I notice that this is exactly what the world is experiencing right now. The old system was not able to delegate and it was the "big boss" who decided everything. Now, the "liberated" companies are more associated with the idea of trusting and giving responsibility to employees in relation to their expertise.

Today, and thanks to learning how to delegate, I manage to let go in confidence and trust. This approach provides an enormous amount of freedom. Now, I have to learn to take into consideration and respect MY time, not just time for others or for my projects.

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How did you come with the idea of We Shift?

We Shift is one of those projects and it is without a doubt the one that touches me the most.

When you are an entrepreneur / artist, you often speaks of a personal need that you try to explain in the best way possible. We Shift is an example. When I had to drastically challenge myself in April 2015 following a Skype with a friend who is a film director, I realized that we were all going through events, emotions, encounters that affect us and allow us to become the person that we are today.
Entrepreneurial projects or even life projects often start with this click, this Shift that takes us to take this or that path of life.
The whole thing is to understand the meaning which then leads us to become aware of the whole of the following Shifts ... because there is obviously more than just one ...;)

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Which values do you want to share through what you do?

We Shift offers beautiful energies, emotions and values. I do not know if there is an order of importance but the values conveyed are responsibility, leadership, equality, personal entrepreneurship, curiosity, introspection, vulnerability, humility, sharing, authenticity, transparency, etc.

Indeed, to be responsible and entrepreneur of our lives, there is a knowledge of Self that seems to me obvious. When you accept that everything is not perfect in your life and that we all have to pass through powerful and existential questionings, extraordinary discoveries are manifested which lead us to know ourselves more and thus to learn about ourselves, and the person we want to become.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration came to me from films and specially « The Lion King » at the age of 8. 

My unconscious curiosity turned into consciousness when I was 19 after a discussion on kinesiology with an unknown man. Returning from this party at 4am, I watched my first documentary on a crazy subject. Wanna know?

Since then I have looked at all the subjects imaginable. I would have to count it actually...


How do you feed your creativity?

Simply by curiosity.

For me, the most primary witness to intelligence is curiosity which simply boils down to listening to the "Why?". 
First, it's a very simple question. It allows you to listen to each other and to yourself. Secondly, it creates a link with those around you.
Then, it is necessary that this listening is active obviously and that the links are made in relation to your "why?" from yesterday...
It is a question that will always give you the most madcap answer.
Why do you breathe? Why are you eating? Why do you drink ... water or alcool? Why are you here? Why are we here?
To question yourself is to question the Universe around you.
Then at the end with a little wisdom gained, we wonder why … we wonder why … And that the only thing to do or ask from life is to live.
We will talk about it at our next meeting.

What do you think makes your Difference ? What is your purpose - Your big Why?

My life mission on which I work is to "Inspire a responsible balance for humanity". Several things emerge from this sentence.
First, the inspiration which is the first active (and not passive) action of the human being. When you inspire you want to live and you fill up. It is not by chance that the breathing is what we concentrate on in mediation to refocus yourself in harmony towards a well balanced life...
Balance... We all seek it in our lives and yet it is always momentary and corresponds to what we inspire to live. My search for balance is not going to be the same as someone else but if we manage to feel relieved to have reached it in a moment of personal grace, I think that humanity would live in mutual respect.
Responsibility is also part of this mission because I think that we are entirely responsible for what happens to us and that we propose to live things through the stages that we experience and those that we surpass.
To be responsible is to be deeply optimistic about what life offers us to live.
To end with the humanity that is what brings us all together. This interdependence that we are all in. This means that we can communicate and understand each other and thus mutually elevate each other towards a global and spiritual awareness that nothing separates us and that we are all linked to one another.

What’s next for you in the coming months?

The next few months are impregnated with a commercial approach to propose the notions of Shift in companies and thus rediscover the meaning that more and more employees lose at their job.

Being able to understand and make the connection between the choice that led them to work in a particular company following a Shift will be able to give them back the understanding if this choice was the right one and thus realign them on their deep motivations.

Any advice for people who want to create the life of their dreams?

DO !

In our culture, we often have the ability to intellectualize everything by believing that it will allow us to control things that will happen in our lives but it is not. Control is an illusion. 

Taking into account all the variables of a future decision is obviously impossible. As a result, only action counts and it is a daily job to find the balance between reflection and action.

The only constant is that everything is transformed at every moment and that the witness of this transformation passes through action. What we see in the outside world is what happens inside ... If we think too much, nothing will come into action and it is unlikely that we will succeed in living our dreams since they will remain in the state of dream if one does not actuate it …

Inspire yourself by being better than yesterday. Never forget that you are the most important person in your life.

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Thanks for sharing your story Edouard! 
I strongly believe your positive thinking and your ability to see the world as it is are making a big difference.


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Love & Light, as we said ♥

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