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Gaëlle Dutron is a yoga teacher and co-founder of Wellness Experience, retreats & workshops in Belgium and abroad, which give everyone the opportunity to take a break, reconnect with themselves, in nature and go back to the essentials : good food, good mind, good environnement, good feelings.

© Visual Story Mapping - Caroline Weiler 2017

© Visual Story Mapping - Caroline Weiler 2017

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am Gaëlle, 32 years old.
I have been living in Brussels since 8 years and working mostly in the communication sector. I still do that as a freelance, but beside I launched in November 2016 with Audrey Elsen a well-being association that organises wellness stays, workshops and activities in Belgium and abroad.
Beside I practice and teach yoga classes once a week. About myself, I am a calm and positive mind, I like to work on my own, and on my own projects, I like to learn new things, I like to create and to think about how I can evolve in the world, with others and myself. I like learning everyday about myself and how to become a better person, either for my personal life or my professional life. It is a dream to be able to do what I love as a job.

What happened for you the last couple years?

Two years ago, I decided to quit the job I had always dreamt of : working for big brands in an advertising agency. I was where I wanted to be at that time of my life, at 30 years old. But I was working as hell. I was anxious all the time, nervous, stressed on Sundays night to go to work the next day and I couldn't sleep well. I couldn't go on like this. I knew it was not right. So I decided I didn't want to live a life like that anymore. I then quit my job to learn more about what really like : nutrition. 

When did things fall into place? When did you suddenly get it?

I participated to a one week retreat of fasting/detox and wellbeing in the South of France 2 years ago, just before I decided to quit my job. That's when I realised that I couldn't work like I was anymore and that I needed to find more values into my job. I loved being in the retreat with openminded people, I loved the center, the way they were working together, without any stress or pressure. After that retreat, it took me 2 months to say goodbye to my job and go towards the nutrition sector that was already a passion I started to study a year before.

How did you experience this life changing experience personally? 

I quit the agency and started a new life at the Pain Quotidien for a few months and then I traveled away for three months on my own in South East Asia. At that time of my life I felt confident, free, and I knew I had made a good choice by leaving my job. It was not easy, I wasn't confident all the time, but at least I wouldn't work for big brands with money and pressure, all things that were not in my spirit of life. After my travel, I worked for a nutrition coach in order to have some experience in the nutrition/cooking sector, and I continued to work in the Communication sector for her, which is my first passion.

What is your daily life now?

Now I work 4 days a week as a freelance for Copines de Voyage which organises thematic travels for girls around the world. I discovered the concept while I was travelling in Asia 2 years ago. I fell in love with it, so I am really happy to be part of this great concept and to work for something I believe in. The rest of the time I am fully into our Wellness Experience project. I dont really know how much time I work for it because this project is always in my mind : new ideas, new posts to make, new people to contact… I am dedicated to it 100%. And at the moment I teach yoga once a week for a small class of friends. I also continue to form myself in nutrition at the Cerden (few weekends per year) and with another training one Friday per month.

How did you come with the idea of Wellness Experience?

We worked together last year with Audrey for this nutrition coach and we were already organising some detox programmes abroad. After one of them one year ago, we realised we were a good team and that we could organise our own project instead of working for someone else’s. That's how we decided to create our own vision of wellness stays. We wanted to create something that was illustrating where/what we were, with our common values.

Why did you decide to practice yoga and do a yoga teacher training? What does Yoga bring into your life?

I decided to try yoga 3 or 4 years ago with a friend of mine. I didn't like it so much at first. I thought I was not flexible at all and it was not something for me or something I could be good at. But I kept doing it. I realised I was feeling so good after each session, so relaxed, so peaceful. It became a need. And at that time I was still working in Communication agencies, so I was in need of that kind of relaxing time.

Last summer I was really lost with what I wanted to do in my life, to create, to do as a job. I knew I didn't want to work anymore for someone but I was feeling lost. I decided to do this yoga teacher training, but at first it was not to become a teacher, but more about the yoga itself. Yoga means union, and I wanted to feel reconnected again. I was feeling my body and my spirit were apart. I needed to feel this connection, to feel in line with my mind. I went away for 6 weeks in Italy to learn the philosophy of yoga, the postures, the way of thinking. I realised when I came back that I had a complete other vision of yoga that before I left. Yoga was not just a way of being relaxed, or a way of doing sport and moving my body. It was a new vision of life, a new vision of myself, how to be more connected with myself, my feelings, my emotion, but also how to enter this yoga spirit into my life, and how to be more in connection with everyone around me. Despite the fact I didn’t want to teach yoga at first, now I teach a small yoga class in Schaerbeek once a week. I like the fact that I teach to a small group, we have time to talk, to express our emotions, I have the time to correct the posture of everyone, or to give advices. And I am still learning with them every week.

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Why did you decide to help people to eat healthier and learn nutrition and cooking?

I became interested by nutrition 5 years ago, something like that. First because it was something that came into my family : my mother is into it, working as a kinesiologist, my sister was already into the organic sector… But also it came to me because I realised I was not feeling well all the time because of what I was eating and that the nutrition could have a bigger impact that I thought on the wellbeing of everyone and on emotions. I started with some cooking classes, and then some conferences, and lots of books and new recipes to try. And now I am finishing a 3 year program in nutrition at the CERDEN. I will end it in June with a final exam. Beside I am still doing other trainings in order to keep learning, and because It has became a real passion.

Which values do you want to share through what you do?

The important values about what we do with Wellness Experience is to share ideas, feelings, new visions, thoughts. For me what I like about what we do is that we meet people, we meet their needs, we help them with their questions, how to take care of themselves, how to feel better in their body and life with a new kind of food, with yoga. It is a way of being in connection with everyone around us and to make people feel better, and to share with them. For me, 3 main values would be humanity, connection and sharing.


What do you think makes your Difference ? What is your purpose - Your big Why?

We are young, we quit the marketing world, we are still learning, human beings in evolution. We don't pretend to know everything but we know we still have a lot to learn. We are human and we want to give everyone the opportunity to take a break somewhere, reconnect with themselves, in nature, going back to the essentials : good food, good mind, good environnement, good feelings.
Our wellness stays or workshops are open to everyone, and we try to make it affordable in order to give opportunities to everyone tojoin and try it.

What’s next for you in the coming months?

We want to develop the image of Wellness Experience. We are not only for girls, we are not a detox programme. We organise wellness stays with sports, yoga and cooking classes for everyone, men and women.
We would like to develop some wellness days in Brussels or around to open our activities for daily programmes. We also would like to develop activities for companies, or teambuilding workshops. We have the whole summer 2017 to think about it. But first we have 2 wellness stays coming in July. The first week of July, for women only, in the South of France, a beautiful place in the area of Nîmes. The house is just beautiful and offers a perfect opportunity for relaxing time and taking care of ourselves. The second one is mid-July. 4 days of yoga and running in the region of Namur, Belgium.

Any advice for people who want to create the life of their dreams?

Create a life you don’t need a vacation from.

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Thanks for sharing your story Gaëlle! 
I strongly believe you are making a difference by doing what you love.

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