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☆☆☆ Géraldine de le Vingne ☆☆☆

Geraldine is trained as a body-mind therapist and has been working for more than 5 years in Brussels, developing her own practice "Conscience & bien-être" where she offers massages, Reiki and meditation classes. She is now using her skills to travel and work on various retreats and teach her own experience.

© Visual Story Mapping - Caroline Weiler 2017

© Visual Story Mapping - Caroline Weiler 2017

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a 32 years old women, I come from Brussels where I live and work most of the time as a body-mind therapist.


What happened for you the last couple years?

For many years now I have been mostly dedicated to bringing my practice "Conscience & Bien-être" to the next level and simultaneously evolve personally. Self development have been my great passion and I think it will remain my main goal in life.

Lately I was focused on finding a lifestyle that suited me, allowing me to follow my own internal rhythm and at the same time being able to support myself financially only by doing what I like.

I also deeply wanted to meet my dreams of traveling and spending more time near the ocean in combination with being independent.


When did things fall into place? When did you suddenly get it?

At one point, I realised that if I wanted to go further and bring important changes in my life, I needed someone to talk to about my crazy thoughts and uncertainty, someone who gives me feedback and who takes me by the hand and goes with me behind the door of fears but also most importantly, someone who understands me and understands my own way of thinking.
So I started coaching sessions with a wonderful women who helped me to reach many goals and helped me build confidence in what I do.

Since then, I traveled to places I have only been dreaming of, I worked with many interesting people and my practice is booming.

I invest a lot in my own personal growth (by doing meditation, sport, therapy, yoga, eating healthy, etc) so I have more wisdom and more skills to help people with their own issue. You can not pour from an empty cup, and when I feel full of love and goodness, that's when I make my project grow. Of course, I also have my ups and downs, and I am not always happy and shining, I deal the best I can with my own issues and I learn a lot also from my own mistakes and difficult times, they also help me to get what others are going trough.

It's really like and dance, going with the flow, going with the process, living and learning! My own life feeds my work.

How did you experience this life changing experience personally?

I don't know if I would say that that was a life changing experience, in my opinion, what is life changing is to be more aware and mindful about what choices I make, every little step that I take, day by day, that makes my life as it is right now.

Which fears did you face during this process?

There were many fears along the way, and I am not done facing all of them but I overcame a lot already and I learned that holding them closely makes them less terrifying.
Step by step I get a little bit further and slowly building my confidence in what I can achieve.

What makes you jump out of bed in the morning?

Right now, my highest motivation is teaching "massage en conscience" and preparing my next trip to Portugal where I'm going to work on a mindfulness retreat with "A Lotus Seeds" and continue to learn surfing. I get high motivation to make a change in people's life. I am also working on a new project that makes my heart pound ;)

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What is your philosophy of Life?

Every single thing in life is an opportunity to learn. I go where my heart takes me and follow my intuition.
I realise how short life is and I do my best to make my dreams come true.

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What is your daily life now?

When I am not working with clients, I spend time reflecting, writing, reading, taking time for myself, connecting with nature and with my body.
In Brussels I work from home and that's a real comfort for me as it saves me lot of time and energy that I can invest in myself.

Why did you decide to be a massage therapist, facilitate meditation and use energy/reiki?

The funny thing about this is that I never really chose this work. You know, when I was younger I never thought "I'm gonna be a massage therapist one day". Healing and massage kind of came to me when I was 23 and going through a rough time with family and health crisis, I then discovered energy healing for the first time and it literally opened my heart. Learning body-mind therapy for three years helped me to reconnect with myself and heal on many levels when I was feeling lost, completely disconnected and without any real purpose.

I found it to be a beautiful work by the way I can connect with people in the most authentic way and I love to help others navigate inside their inner world. It is also really important to me to be able to use my body and be in movement as I couldn't be sitting on a chair the whole day. We are now in a time in society when we dramatically need reconnection with our body, our emotion and our spirituality and I find a real purpose in doing that.

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Which values do you want to share through what you do?

Love and kindness are surely my highest values and those are the ones that I want to share through my work.


Where does your inspiration come from?

I get inspire by many people: my teachers, my friends, the people i meet traveling, writers, speakers, life coaches, movies or documentaries. I also find inspiration in nature and art

How do you feed your creativity?

I don't really feel the need to feed my creativity, it's already pretty active, I have always many ideas.
At the moment, I am more into finding ways to express it and put those ideas and thoughts into action.


What do you think makes your Difference ? What is your purpose - Your big Why?

I think we are all different and what makes me unique is who I am, my story, my sensitivity and empathy for people.

What’s next for you in the coming months?

After traveling I'll be back in brussels for more awesome work and continue to grow with my practice and I'll probably adopt a dog anytime soon, one dream at a time.

Any advise for people who want to create the life of their dreams?

Well, I know that usually when we give advices, we are only talking to ourselves ;)
So here are the ones that I really find helpful:

- Take time in silence, take time for yourself.
- You are the only one responsible for your own life!
- Be mindfull of your habits, they create your lifestyle.
- It's never too late to change your life.
- Don't be afraid to fail and make mistakes, that's the only way to build something.
- Your thoughts create your reality, so be mindful about them.

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Thanks for sharing your story Géraldine! 
I strongly believe you inspire people to listen to their heart and respect their body and mind.

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Géraldine de le Vingne - Conscience & Bien-Etre
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Love & Light, as we said ♥

Thanks for sharing your story!