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☆☆☆ Lucie Cincinatis ☆☆☆

Lucie Cincinatis is a traveller, explorer, facilitator and yoga teacher. She has been leading The Donkeys, a series of treks in Nepal while experiencing volunteer work and yoga. She also facilitates Cacao Ceremonies, yoga classes and workshops that foster real conversations, and create beauty and harmony.

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© Visual Story Mapping - Caroline Weiler 2017

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

That's a long story. But i'll try and make it short. I was born and raised in Brussels, and went off to New York when I was 19 to study. I was a talented athlete and was lucky to get a track & field scholarship at Columbia University. I graduated in 2010 with a degree in International Relations, and took my first job as an analyst in a private equity firm. Four months after starting the job, I quit

When did things fall into place? When did you suddenly get it?

I understood pretty quickly that spending 16 hours per day in front of a computer, making money for invisible bodies, was not going to be fulfilling. I felt dead inside, I forgot about my dreams, and what was making me happy. Perhaps, at that time, I did not know yet what was making me happy. However, this wasn't.

So, I left New York, and enrolled in a fellowship program that sent me to Haiti.


How did you experience this life changing experience personally?

Haiti was a turning point in my life. I left a wealthy, comfortable environment in New York, to go work as a volunteer in the slums of Port-au-Prince. There, I finally saw and understood how most people on this earth live... they merely survive. I started to feel lucky and grateful for everything that I had until then taken for granted. For 9 months, I organised art classes and workshops in a school located in the slum, and started to explore Haiti. An island that is so poor and so rich at the same time. I discovered a small fisherman village, called Jacmel, located right on the Caribbean ocean, and decided to move there, in a small hut. Jacmel had also a vibrant artist community, rastafaris, and creative free spirit thinkers that had found their little paradise to make art, breathe, play music eat, sleep, and enjoy the simple things in life. I became to taste this lifestyle as well. Waking up by the ocean, seeing the sun rising, eating organic food from the land, and reconnecting with nature at a deep level. I eventually launched a sustainable fashion - social enterprise in Haiti, and were designing and making handcrafted handbags with local artisans. This was the start of the change.


In 2015, I decided to leave Haiti, and life took me to Asia.... you know sometimes life take you to places... and you do not understand immediately why and how, but it just happens. I believe that later on in my life, I will be able to connect the dots.

So yes, I arrived in Asia thinking I was going to start working for a social enterprise and brand called TOMS (they had offered me an amazing job in LA!), and again life had other plans for me. I ended up spending 3 months in the Himalayas, fell in love with Nepal and North of India, and started a deep spiritual journey. I traveled in remote villages, with barely any money left, doing with the flow. In the mountains of Nepal, I felt free, happy, fulfilled, content with whatever was coming my way. I understood that we really do need little to be happy. I was eating rice everyday, did not always had access to shower, and was sometimes weeks without wifi, but still, I FELT SO HAPPY. I understood that happiness is something that you find inside, it is a choice, and we can all achieve it.

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How did you come with the idea of The Donkeys?

I enjoyed my experience trekking in Nepal so much, that I decided to introduce other people to it. I wanted them to feel small in front of those huge mountains, to feel grateful for being alive, to understand that we are only passing by this earth, and that what matters the most is what we do today, what matters the most is how much love we give and we receive, what matters the most are the experiences that shape who we are, not the things that we own. So, I told a few friends that i was planning a 2-weeks trip to Nepal in May 2016, and 7 people signed up. On top of trekking in beautiful nature, we also practice yoga and meditation, and we volunteer in a school. I always say that we rise by lifting others, and that when you help someone, or you give love to someone, you are actually impacting yourself positively in the process. I have met amazing people through The Donkeys, and I am really happy i can facilitate this type of positive, meaningful, and impactful experience for other people.

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Why did you decide to practice yoga and do a yoga teacher training? What does Yoga bring into your life?

I have been practicing yoga for many years, but i believe it is only in the last 2 years in India and Nepal that i understood the essence of Yoga. Yoga is not a sport, it is a way of living, a way of thinking, a way of being. For me, personally, yoga is the science of happiness. Yoga allows me to quiet my mind, to relax, to re-energise. Since I did my yoga teacher training in India, I feel like i live a more gentled and balanced life. I am more giving, and often experience a sense of nourishment and freedom. I got rid of my fears, and trust what life will bring me everyday. Yoga philosophy encompasses many things, but the most important values are non-violence, contentment, compassion, and patience. Yoga allows me to keep working on myself daily, and to know the quality of my mind. Once you get into your mat for your asanas, or meditation, you are facing yourself, you become quiet, so you can hear what is truly inside yourself. Yoga allows me to connect to myself to a deep level, and to know what to keep working on.

What is your daily life now?

I recently moved to Brussels, where I started to teach yoga. I travelled for so many years and always though i would never come back to my hometown. Actually, what I realise now is that if you are truly happy and at peace with yourself, you can be happy anywhere in the world. Life is a cycle, and now after 10 years of experiences, and wanderings, I am back as a changed person, with new eyes on life, and this is a truly magical feeling!

Which values do you want to share through what you do?

Enjoy your life - You really only live once, so you may as well do the things that you love, be with the people that you love and those who make you feel good. Enjoy the little things of life too, and try to see beauty in every situation.

Care for our planet, respect nature - The earth, Gaia, was paradise. Life is a miracle. Let's protect it, let's love her. We should all take action on our daily lives to live in harmony with the earth.

Look after your body and stay healthy - I think thought my treks, or with yoga, the body is really central. If our body does not function well, we cannot do anything, we cannot give energy. So, I really believe that it is central to take care of your body, move, eat quality food and decent quantities, keep your body pure and stay away from chemicals and intoxicants. If you do not feel good in your body, you cannot feel good in your mind. Those two are totally bound!

Love yourself - If you cannot love yourself, you cannot love others, and you won't be loved. Cherish yourself, hug yourself, spend time alone.

Happiness is a choice - Seriously. It is. So, just choose it.

What do you think makes your Difference ? What is your purpose - Your big Why?

The word "harmony" keeps coming back in my mind. I want to feel in constant harmony with myself, and create harmony around me. I want to be the reason somebody smiles. I know that what gives me purpose is to help other people enjoy their lives. As a yoga teacher, i try to look at the positive things in life, i bow to the sun every morning, I try to always speak kindly about other people, and avoid negativity, complains, insults or violence. I am conscious that the reality of most people is stressful, difficult, unfair, dark and violent, but there is always the light. I want to be the light, and help bring out that light in other humans. At the end, don't we all share the same light? Namaste.

What’s next for you in the coming months?

Well... for now, the plan is that I will be based in Brussels, keep teaching yoga, organise cacao ceremonies (personal development and happiness workshops using cacao as a medium), find my tribe here, rediscover my city, and spend time in the forest or in the mountains when i have the opportunity. In November, I am planning 2 big treks in Nepal with The Donkeys! Then, we'll see where life takes me.... :)

Any advice for people who want to create the life of their dreams?

Don't wait. It is possible. Everything is possible. Write down what it is that you want to do, and go for it. If you don't like the situation you are in right now, you can always change, and move towards something else. You always have the choice. Now is all that we have. Life is Now. 
Stay connected to your dreams and evolve with it.

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Thanks for sharing your story Lucie! I strongly believe in your impact in this world.

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