We live in a world where communication and information can be overwhelming. We keep running and mostly forgetting to disconnect to better reconnect with ourself. But what about our dreams? Our ideas? Our projects
Don't loose them on your run.
Visual Story Mapping offers you a space and a tool to focus on your plans and harness your diversity.

Clear your mind. Tap into your brain and then capture your ideas. 

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Structure your thoughts. Create connections. Organise your inner universe. Prioritise.
Keep you organised and focused. Give yourself the opportunity to express your creativity.


Clear your vision. Take action. Reflect your dreams. Boost your creativity. Set your goals. Harness your diversity. Develop your business. Plan your projects. Think differently. Create magic. 

Visual Story Mapping was launched in Bali in January 2016.
But why going to Bali in the first place ?


I believe in your DREAMS & PROJECTS