Is your mind too busy?
Are you lost in your thoughts? Or in your projects?
Do you have an amazing business idea but you don't know where to start?
Do you struggle to identify your why? Do you want to develop your storyline? Define your skills, talents and added value? 
Set your goals? And create the life your deserve?

Visual Story Mapping is made for YOU!

A Visual Story Mapping individual session offers you a space to talk about any topic of your choice (business, intentions, projects, passions, decisions to make, fears, relationships, talents, skills, strengths and weaknesses, ...) to highlight it on a tangible mapping.
At the beginning of the session, we define together what you want to visualise, to focus on and what your expectations are.
Then, my pen and I are the vehicle of your ideas and emotions. During the session, I will summarise your thoughts on a mapping so you can visually understand what's in your mind and see the Big Picture.
You then have a new light, a new approach. It gives you a different perspective.
It's like a mirror. I'm projecting your brain on a piece of paper.
The mapping will help you to create new connections, fix new goals and put fingers on new objectives with a tangible tool you can have a look on whenever you want.

Why is it valuable? 

It helps you to

- reveal your potential
- unlock the knots
- clear your vision
- harness your diversity
- identify your passions
- understand what you want and who you are
- create the life you aspire to
- reframe and accept your story
- organise your work and daily life
- visually learn
- reflect
- structure your thoughts
- set goals
- and make priorities.

Session in FRENCH or ENGLISH.
By Skype or in Brussels, in the park (if good weather) or at your home or office.