parchemin mapping Gili Air.jpeg
parchemin mapping Gili Air.jpeg

Visual Story Mapping

Reveal your potential


Visual Story Mapping

Reveal your potential


Visual Story Mapping uses mind mapping as a tool for personal and business development. 
It helps to unleash brain's creativity and gain clarity in a visual way.
It supports you by capturing your ideas, revealing your talents, organising your inner universe and structuring your projects
inspires you to take action.

Take a Chance. You never know what might happen.

You have the power in your hands.

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new workshops - september '17

Monday, September 11 - Bon Jour Bruxelles, Brussels.

Self Discovery & Mind Mapping  - 6.30PM-8.30PM - French


Monday, September 25 - Bon Jour Bruxelles, Brussels.

Self Discovery & Mind Mapping - 6.30PM-8.30PM - French


Monday, September 26 - Bon Jour Bruxelles, Brussels.

Self Discovery & Mind Mapping - 6.30PM-8.30PM - English


Saturday, September 23 - Brussels.

Inspire your Creativity - A Visual Day Workshop - 10AM-6PM - French


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Caroline’s work was definitely different and I’d even say daring. I enjoyed being challenged on certain parts of the story I was telling her and I do feel that after talking to her I got more clarity. Her map is very pretty and I have it in front of my desk as a check-in ‘vision board’ of sorts to mark where I am now on my plan. She was a lovely person and its always inspiring to see someone make a living out of a crazy idea.
— Lucia, participant of Your Next Big Thing retreat -
I will always cherish the visual mind map that Caroline created for me, what a beautiful memory of my journey but also a reminder and map of where I need to go. Caroline guided me effortlessly through the process and I loved chatting with her and watching her create.
— Amy, participant of Your Next Big Thing retreat -
parchemin mapping Gili Air.jpeg
Caroline is actually in Bali to get inspired for new coming projects




We live in a world where communication and information can be overwhelming. We keep running and mostly forgetting to disconnect to better reconnect with ourself. But what about our dreams? Our ideas? Our projects
Don't loose them on your run.
Visual Story Mapping offers you a space and a tool to focus on your plans and harness your diversity.

Clear your mind. Tap into your brain and then capture your ideas. 

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Structure your thoughts. Create connections. Organise your inner universe. Prioritise.
Keep you organised and focused. Give yourself the opportunity to express your creativity.


Clear your vision. Take action. Reflect your dreams. Boost your creativity. Set your goals. Harness your diversity. Develop your business. Plan your projects. Think differently. Create magic. 

Visual Story Mapping was launched in Bali in January 2016.
But why going to Bali in the first place ?


I believe in your DREAMS & PROJECTS